THE Complete Book of Demonolotary

THE Complete Book of Demonolotary

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DB Publishing is an imprint of Darkerwood Publishing Group, PO Box 2011, Arvada, CO 80001. Contact the publisher for bulk purchases and discounts or contact [email protected] for online wholesale purchase links. Parts of this book were first published as: Modern Demonolatry, Darkerwood Publishing Group 1997 Modern Demonolatry, DB Publishing, 2005 Lessons in Demonolatry, DB Publishing, 2005 The Complete Book of Demonolatry © 1997-2006 by S. Connolly. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, electronic or other, without express written permission from the author and publisher. Information from the Dukante, Delaney, Willit, and Purswell journals is used with exclusive permission from the families. S. Connolly and DB Publishing are not responsible for the misuse of any information contained herein. Library of Congress-in-Publication Data Connolly, S., 2006 The Complete Book of Demonolatry I. Occult, II. Demonology, III. Demonolatry Bibliography and Indexed ISBN: 978-0-9669788-6-5 Book Design by DB Publishing, Adrianna. Cover Art: Steven Lafitte Foreword by M. Delaney Warning: No incenses or oleums contained in this book should be taken internally. DB Publishing and S. Connolly are not responsible for any person using the incenses or oleums improperly in a way that might cause personal injury, illness, or death. Poisonous herbs used in some of the traditional recipes included are clearly marked and should not be taken internally. DISCLAIMER: The information in this book is provided for information purposes only. The author and publisher are not responsible for any person who uses the information in this book for illegal activities or if any person is injured or harmed by use of the information contained herein.

Dedication This book is dedicated to the family sects for all the information and encouragement they’ve provided over the years. Especially Mike, who agreed to write the foreword for this book. Likewise, I’d like to thank all the members of OFS who supported and helped with this project – you’re all my extended family. And finally I’d like to thank the numerous Demonolators out there, and the many forum members, who tested and tried the lessons in this book and asked the questions that needed to be asked so that the answers could be found. This book is for all of you. May you find wisdom, truth, and always be blessed by the Nine Divinities. Hail Leviathan!

Contents Foreword by M. Delaney About This Book Introduction to Demonolatry All About Demons The Demonic Hierarchies Personal Pantheons The Demon Directory Demons by Purpose The Dukante Hierarchy: Enns and Notes The Sigils The Basics of Hermetics Demonolatry History The Practice of Demonolatry Proper Invocation, Tools, Ritual Execution and Layout Dedication and Initiation Prayer and Offerings Introduction to Demonolatry – Lessons Meditation and Ascension Meditation Core Demonolatry Core Ascension Rites Channeling Demons Energy Building and Grounding Exercises Energy Vibrations Astral Projection Astral Temples Lucid Dreaming Holy Day Rites and Rites of Nine Demonolatry Rites of Birth, Marriage, and Death

Demonolatry Magick Positive Workings Negative Workings The Demonolatry Tree of Life and the Qlippoth Modifications of the Enochian Keys for Demonolatry Gematria and Magickal Tablets for Demonolatry Modified Middle Pillar Ritual The Great Work Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone Pathworking Relationships with Demons The Solitary Demonolator & The Adept Sex Magick Blood Rites & Sacrifices Vi Baoith Raimi Kairtey & The Demonic Name Necromancy Demonolatry Hymns Moving Onward Tests for Pre-Initiates Tests for Initiates Determining Status The Priesthood Concluding Thoughts Basic Oleum Recipes Bibliography & Suggested Reading

Foreword When I heard about this book I was excited. Modern Demonolatry was a fine book and Lessons in Demonolatry was nice, too. Putting both of them together with even more information was an excellent idea. I’ve often used the other two books for training our initiates and I look forwar