101 Juice Recipes - Cross, Joe

101 Juice Recipes - Cross, Joe

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Table of Contents Message from Joe How to use this Book Joe’s Juicing Tips Get Ready to Juice How to Make a Juice Tips for Storing a Juice Green Juice Recipes Bunny’s Brier Patch Cancun Carrot Spinach Apple Clean Green Elixir

Crisp & Clean Green Everyday Green Go-To Green Green Apple Green Citrus Green Fennel Delight Green Goddess Green Grape & Pear Great Greens Green Honey Green Lemonade Green Tea Jicama Salad Joe’s Mean Green Kickin’ Cucumber Melon Lemon Lime & Bitters Little Green

Honey I Juiced the Greens Melon Chard Mexican Style Jugo Morning Dew Morning Green Glory Peachy Keen Green Red White Blue (& Green) Simple Green Sparkling Clean Green Elixir Spiced Apple Pear Summer Green Sweet Green The Perfect Pear The Three Cs Triple Threat Tutti Frutti Tuscan Summer

Winter Green Detox Yellow Juice Recipes Australia Gold Celery Root & Pear Ginger Pear-snip Hot & Cold Mango Salsa Mexi Cali Southwest Taj Mahal Tia Rita Winter White Orange Juice Recipes Apple Pie

Carrot Apple Ginger Carrot Tangerine Ginger Captain Melon Citrus Times Three Glowing Green Pepper Green Carrot Ginger Mexican Fiesta Minty Citrus Oh Sweet Broccoli Orange Ginger Peach Chai Roots & Fruits Spicy Peach Carrot Sunburst Sweet Potato Pie The Cabbage Patch Triple C

Red Juice Recipes Auntie Oxie Beet-ini Beet Potato Pie Bloody Mary Brooklyn Heights Caprese Salad Cool Mint Cran-Apple-Crisp Cranberry Citrus Cocktail Green Pom-Pom Mediterranean Summer Orange Fennel Pink Lady Pom Apple Red Hot Red Rush

Red Sunrise Ruby Champagne Strawberry-Orange Mint Julep Summer Lovin’ Un-Beet-Able Purple Juice Recipes BBQ Blow Out Dracula’s Dream Hot Pink Just Beet It Mash Up Olympic Athlete Pink Blush Purple Power Red Licorice Sporty Spice

Sunrise Salad Bowl The Watering Pineapple Resources Produce Juicing Guide Substitution Guide

Message from Joe Welcome to juicing! I’m excited to share my picks for 101 amazing juice recipes, as well as tips and how-to-juice information to have you juicing like a pro. I’ve had my fun taste testing and selecting the juices for this book. I’ve included some old favorites (including

my Mean Green) and have added some new combinations of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices that evoke the flavors that I’ve always loved in great cuisine — and from what my mates have told me after sampling our recipes, I think we’ve come up with some real winners. Juicing is not an exact science. Use these measurements as guides and adjust to your taste. Love spinach? Add another handful to your juice. Hate beets? Substitute with red cabbage. Have fun trying out new fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. If you’re on a Reboot be aware that not

all of these recipes follow the 80% vegetables, 20% fruit rule. Look for the juices designated as Reboot juices. No idea what a Reboot is? It’s a period of eating and drinking just fruits and vegetables for weight loss and improved health. You can find out more about Rebooting at www.rebootwithjoe.com/rebooting Making a juice regimen part of your daily life can improve your health dramatically, and it can be fun, creative and delicious. I hope these recipes inspire you to keep on juicing! Joe Cross

About Reboot with Joe RebootwithJoe.com was founded by Joe Cross after the success of his film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (www.fatsickandnearlydead.com) to educate and inspire people to achieve weight loss and health through juicing and plant-based eating. Copyright 2013 © Reboot Holdings Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved Juice Photo Credits: Daniel Krieger eBooks created by www.ebookconversion.com ISBN: 978-1-62274-028-4

How To Use This Book Have fun! These juice recipes are meant to serve as inspiration for you to get creative with your juicer so feel free to adjust these recipes to fit your taste. If an ingredient is too strong for you, like ginger, use less. If you really love an ingredient, like blueberries, add a bit more. If you don’t like an ingredient all together and it’