AMC MCQ Recalls 2017

AMC MCQ Recalls 2017

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Question 1: The 24 year-old- male has hemoptysis and uremia and radiological evidence of focal pulmonary Consolidation and manifestations of Glomerulo nephritis .he gives history of upper respiratory Infection 10 days back .He also has deposits of complement and IgG in basement and alveolar Membranes. The most likely diagnosis is A. SLE B. RA C. Good pastuer syndrome D. systemic sclerosis E. IG A nephropathy Question 2: A 20 year old woman presents with bilateral conductive deafness, palpable purpura on legs And hemoptysis. Chest x-ray shows thin walled cavity in the lower lung zones. Investigations Milligrams what is the most probable diagnosis? A. HSP B. PAN C. Wegners Granulomatosis D. Disseminated Tb E. Sjogrens Question 3: A 29 year old construction worker was brought to Emergency department with pain abdomen Associated with vomiting. He mentioned that he is relieved of pain intermittently and he noted that the pain is radiating from lower abdomen to scrotum .On examination his temp was 37°C and abdomen was soft with normal bowel sounds .urine dip test was positive and urine ph was 5.8.The next logical step in diagnosis of this case is ;

A. FAST B. Ultrasound abdomen

C. Non contrast CT abdomen D. Contrast CT abdomen E. IVP Question 4: A 56-year- old diabetic female has been having progressive dyspnoea and light headedness since 3 Weeks .Due to an abnormal ECG study she has been advised angiogram. It was found that three of her Main coronary vessels were blocked and the most involved was 50% blocked .The blood flow in this artery is reduced by? A. ½ B. ¼ C. 1/8 D. 1/16 E. 1/64 Question 5: An 18 year old boy attended ED with abdominal pain that radiates from umbilicus to Rt. lower quadrant of abdomen, since 2 hrs. He told that he didn’t feel like eating since morning and that he vomited thrice before coming to ED. On examination his temperature was 39 degrees,BP 120/80 and pulse 90 /min. Local examination revealed a soft abdomen with rebound tenderness in right iliac region .most probable diagnosis in this case is ; A. Crohns disease B. Renal colic C. UTI D. Gastroenteritis E. Appendicitis

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