Assassin's Creed Origins Prima Official Guide by KBG

Assassin's Creed Origins Prima Official Guide by KBG

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Official Guide

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Written by 1im Bogenn and Michael Owen



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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TIM BOGENN A big thank you to Matthieu Bagna, Anthony Marcantonio, Antoine Ceszynski, Pierre Laliberte, and everyone at Ubisott for their unyielding support in the creation of this guide and for making the latest Assassin's Creed game so immersive and entertaining. A special thanks to everyone at Prima Garnes for turning my words, screen shots, and maps into a work of art. Thank you Michael Owen for teaming up with me once again to take a massive project from overwhelming, to manageable, to enjoyable. Thanks to Jennifer, Ashlee, Michael, Brianna, and Nicholas for their support while I was in Egypt. MICHAEL OWEN First, I would like to give a special thanks to Matthieu Bagna, Antoine Ceszynski, Pierre Laliberte, Anthony Marcantonio, and everyone at Ubisoft for keeping us up to date with new game builds and provicling excellent assistance with the guide. Thanks to Chris Hausermann, Dan Caparo, ancl everyone at Prima Games for the incredible joo ofptJtting this stellar guioe together.13ig thanks to Tim Bogenn for his utmost professionalism and hard work tackling the multitude of quests. Lastly, I would like to thank Michelle for once again showiAg great patience and taking care of everything around the house while I toiled away on this project.

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