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BBR eBook

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18 Week Bodyweight Training Program by


DISCLAIMER The information in this book is presented with good intentions, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. We have no control over physical conditions surrounding the application of information in this book and the author disclaims any liability for untoward results including any injuries or damages arising out from a person’s attempt to rely upon any information contained herein. The exercises and training program described in this book are for information purposes and may be too strenuous or even dangerous for some people. Use this information at your own risk. When purchasing Body By Rings, the purchaser understands the risks associated with using this type of product and agrees not to hold its representatives responsible for injuries or damages resulting from use without proper supervision. Perform a safety check prior to each session, which includes analysing the gymnastic rings and straps for defects and ensuring the supporting structure is sturdy. The author is not responsible for problems related to the equipment that is used to perform the exercises described. Be sure to thoroughly comprehend the instructions provided for all exercises and warmups. If you experience acute or chronic pain, consult a licensed health practitioner

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INTRODUCTION A sincere thanks for purchasing the Body By Rings (BBR) training program. I’d like to acknowledge you for investing time, effort and money into this unique method. BBR is the culmination of over 6 years of experimentation, research and countless hours of training. The program has been designed to address all aspects of hypertrophy development through the use of bodyweight exercises, no bullshit and no superfluous exercises or false promises. BBR is the only comprehensive bodyweight bodybuilding program utilising gymnastic rings as of 2015. Read this guide thoroughly and study the videos provided. Don’t stick to the program for a few weeks or months and give up. See it through from start to finish and the results achieved will be proportional to the effort and dedication implemented.

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT BBR What the program is designed for The BBR system has been constructed with the intent of increasing muscle mass via bodyweight exercises using gymnastic rings. Compound exercises which target multiple muscle groups simultaneously serve as the main constituent. Compound exercises have a greater potential for building muscle as it’s possible to make progression with sets, reps or intensity on a consistent basis. This allows a steady improvement in strength and physique development. Unique to the BBR system is the inclusion of isolation exercises with gymnastic rings. Isolating is a must for bodybuilding as certain muscle groups require an additional stimulus to refine the appearance of a physique. Examples include the chest and arms.

What level of strength is needed for BBR? You need a solid foundation level of bodyweight strength. Beginners who have minimal experience with physical training need to spend time developing their strength through basic movement patterns. One should

be proficient with pushups, pullups and dips. I’d recommend picking up a copy of Bodyweight Evolution (BWE) and following the 12 week program prior to commencing BBR. Concepts are discussed in BWE which will serve you well for BBR and into the future. It’s logical to be able to perform bodyweight movements competently on a stable environment prior to undertaking the added challenge of instability associated with gymnastic rings. Most people will adjust to the instability experienced when using rings in a few weeks, so don’t fear. The exercise intensity in BBR can be easily increased or decreased to suit varying strength levels. This is made possible by simply changing post