CA Itil Process Maps 223811

CA Itil Process Maps 223811

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CA Service Management Process Maps IT Service Continuity Management IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) assures and supports overall Business Continuity Management by ensuring that the required IT technical and service facilities can be recovered within required and agreed upon business time-frames. PROCESS ACTIVITIES


Determine vulnerabilities

CA NSM; CA SPECTRUM; CA eHealth; CA Wily APM; CA IT Asset Mgr; CA Storage Resource Mgr (SRM)

Assess risk

CA Service Catalog; CA CMDB


CA SRM; CA ARCserve Backup Option; CA High Availability


CA Service Desk Mgr; CA CMDB; CA SRM; CA ARCserve Backup Option

Input: • Business impact analysis • Risk and vulnerability assessments • Business continuity strategy and plan Output: • Continuity plan • Recovery plans • Risk reduction plans

Key Process Relationships and Integration Incident Management — provides historical details or statistics on IT service deficiencies Change Management — ensures currency and accuracy of the IT continuity plans Service Level Management — provides critical information about IT service obligations

Service Level Management Service Level Management ensures that an agreed level of IT service is provided for all current IT services, and that future services are delivered to agreed achievable targets. PROCESS ACTIVITIES


Design SLA framework

CA Service Catalog; CA Service Desk Mgr

Monitor performance and customer satisfaction

CA NSM; CA SPECTRUM; CA eHealth; CA Wily APM; CA Access Control;

Service review and revise SLAs and Operational Level Agreements (OLA)

CA NSM; CA SPECTRUM; CA Wily APM; CA Software Compliance Mgr

Monitor issues

CA Service Metric Analysis

Report achievements

CA Service Desk Mgr; CA Service Metric Analysis

Input: • Business requirements • Change information • Configuration Management System Output: • Reports demonstrating performance against SLA • Service quality and performance improvement plans

Key Process Relationships and Integration Change Management — SLA can define agreements for responding to change. IT Service Continuity Management — minimum required service levels in case of an emergency. Financial Management — supplies cost associated with providing a service together with charging methods.

Service Catalog Management

Availability Management

Service Catalog Management is the development and upkeep of a service catalog that contains all accurate details, the status, possible interactions and mutual dependencies of all current services and those being prepared to run operationally. PROCESS ACTIVITIES


Service portfolio management

CA Clarity

Build catalog contents

CA Service Catalog

Business service views


Technical service views

CA CMDB; CA Cohesion; CA IT Client Mg

Publish live services

CA Service Catalog

Input: • Business and IT strategy and plans • Business impact analysis • Service portfolio • CMS

Availability Management ensures that the level of service availability delivered in all services is matched to or exceeds the current and future the agreed needs of the business in a cost effective manner.

Key Process Relationships and Integration Service Portfolio Management — to agree Contents of portfolio & catalog ITSCM — business dependencies and processes Service Asset and Configuration Management — service dependencies, components and CI’s Service Level Management — business alignment

Output: • Documentation and agreement of a “definition of the service” • Updated se