Dragon Age RPG, Set 2 - Player's Guide

Dragon Age RPG, Set 2 - Player's Guide

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Welcome back for the second leg of your epic journey into the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game!

Return to Thedas!

We hope you’ve come to this second core set of the Dragon Age RPG with your armor caked in gore and your sword stained with the blood of darkspawn, having slain dozens or hundreds in your march from neophyte adventurer to fifth-level veteran. We hope you’ve explored scenes of battle and treachery, and held aloft a torch to search underground caverns unexplored for a millennium. We hope you’ve had fierce words with brigands and negotiated alliances with the noble and disreputable alike. In short, we hope you’ve had the kinds of adventures worth telling tales about. As you’ll see in reading the books that make up this second foray into the Dragon Age RPG, though, you’ve barely scratched the surface in your adventures so far.

There are many more tasks your heroes must undertake, and many more rewards for them to reap from their success.

What’s in the Box This Set 2 core box for the Dragon Age RPG contains the following components: • Player’s Guide: The book you’re reading now. It provides information for every Dragon Age roleplayer concentrating on Player Character heroes: how they advance, what they can learn,

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