Dragon Age Set 03 - Player's Guide

Dragon Age Set 03 - Player's Guide

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It’s our distinct pleasure to welcome you to Set 3 of the Dragon Age RPG!

Return to Thedas!

If you’ve come this far, your campaign has seen characters go from aspiring heroes of level 1 to capable veterans of level 10. Some or all of the party may be Grey Wardens already. The characters have faced and overcome many challenges, but their toughest adventures are still ahead. Set 3 gives you all the rules you need to run a campaign for characters of level 11 to 20. It thus completes the core rules of the Dragon Age RPG. Mages can now wield terrifyingly powerful magic beyond anything they’ve previously encountered. Warriors and Rogues can deal deadly blows and fell the fiercest of foes. New specializations unlock the secrets of the shapeshifter, the discipline of the chevalier, and the lethality of the marksman. Expanded and additional talents and weapons give characters even more pathways to victory on their adventures. While Dragon Age heroes were always capable and formi-

dable, with Set 3 they can truly become legends. These additions are a mix of abilities taken directly from the Dragon Age video game series and those inspired and adapted to showcase the differences between Dragon Age as a table-top roleplaying and electronic gaming experience. In addition, this set takes players and GMs beyond the familiar borders of Ferelden to explore the rest of the world of Thedas. From Orlais to Tevinter, everything from new backgrounds to expanded history and cultural lore will provide inspiration to expand and grow your game to encompass the whole continent. Explorers and adventurers will find Thedas a complex place, without “good” or “evil” kingdoms you find in some other fantasy realms, but instead a realistic array of nations, each with their own politics and history.

This is Set 3 This is Set 3 of the Dragon Age RPG. It builds on the material from Sets 1 and 2 and you need those to understand the material presented herein. Set 3 is not a complete game, but a supplement that expands the Dragon Age RPG. If you do not have Sets 1 and 2, you’ll need to get them