English questionnaire

English questionnaire

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Learner Who Wants to Live (or already live) in an English Speaking Culture Purpose : Social students grade 11 of 106 SHS Question 1 Do you think English is important? 1. ______ Yes, I think English is very important 2. ______ No, I don’t think English is important 3. ______ Mmm, I don’t know Question 2 What do you think of English? 1. ______ I think English is a very difficult language 2. ______ I think English is easy 3. ______ I think English is fun Question 3 Why are you learning English? 1. ______ Just for fun 2. ______ Because my parents force me to learn English 3. ______ Because I want to understand the native speakers Question 4 What makes you want to learn English? 1. ______ Because English just like a words arts 2. ______ Because English is very important for my future 3. ______ I’m just follow the trends.. if the trends is learning Chinese, then I will learn Chinese Question 5 Are you join the English course? 1. ______ No, I don’t want to waste my time for such a thing 2. ______ Yes I am. I really love English 3. ______ No. I guess I can learn English at home Question 6 How often you speak English in a week? 1. ______ Very often. it's a must for me to speak English at home

2. ______ Never ! I LOVE Indonesian language too much 3. ______ Not so often. I don’t feel confident to speak English

Question 7 Do you think English is fun? 1. ______ NO! English means boring 2. ______ Yes, English is so fun for me 3. ______ I think English is in the middle of fun and boring Question 8 Do you think learn English is important for your future? 1. ______ I don’t think English is important for my future, because I don’t live in an English speaking country 2. ______ Yes, English is very important for my future, because English is the 2nd language 3. ______ I don’t know and I don’t care Question 9 What do you think about English as the international language? 1. ______ I think it’s very nonsense. Why they can’t make Indonesian as the international language? 2. ______ That’s why I want to learn English so much 3. ______No comment Question 10 Which one is the most interesting lesson about English? 1. ______ Grammar and Vocabulary. Because I’d like to learn about words 2. ______ Listening and Conversation. Because I want to understand the native speakers 3. ______ I don’t know Question 11 Which statement best expresses your opinion about English? 1. ______ I need to learn how to socialize with my neighbours when I’m move out someday 2. ______ It’s important to speak English for my education improvement 3. ______ Just a lesson that fill my spare time Question 12 What is the most important English task for you? 1. ______ Understanding native speakers 2. ______ Writing excellent communication through email, chatting or in letters 3. ______ Understanding the basic things in English

Question 13 How often you visit the American or British site? 1. ______Very often! I’m really serious for learning English. 2. ______ Not so often. I’m just visit the American or British sites to improve my English skill 3. ______ Never, I prefer visit sites in my language

Question 14 Do you think that…. 1. ______ Learning English is fun and it can help me to improve my skill 2. ______ Learning English is essential to improve my life where I live 3. ______ Learning English is frustrating but really useful for works or school

Question 15 Which statement is true for you? 1. ______ Basic pronunciation is important, but excellent pronunciation is impossible 2. ______ Pronunciation and the correct accent is very important to me. I want the native speakers to understand me. 3. ______ Pronunciation is not important. I need to understand and write English well Question 16 Have you ever chat with the native speakers? If yes , how often? 1. ______ Yes, maybe a couple of time 2. ______ Never, I prefer to chat with people who understand my language 3. ______ Yes, I chat with them almost everyday Question 17 What are you doing to improve your English skill? 1. ______