Figure painter magazine #01

Figure painter magazine #01

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MAY 2013


Our Pigments are finely ground Natural Earth Pigments and of the highest quality. Over recent years earth pigments have become extremely popular with model makers, who wish to achieve realistic and authentic looking finishes, especially with military and railway enthusiasts where a weathered look is far more desirable. The pigments are commonly mixed with thinners to create a paste or mixed with acrylic resins or varnish and glues to replicate urban, rural, industrial or warfare surface conditions like: dust, dirt, mud, rust or surfaces that are in state of damage or repair.

Available in ProPigment sets or individual pots. Our pigments are not sold for cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food use. Use care when handling any dry pigment. Avoid inhaling pigment dust.

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Karol Rudyk Martyn Dorey Sam Costidell Marko Paunovic Sean Fulton

First up let me welcome you to Figure Painter Magazine (FPM), our new publication. It has been a hard slog over the last few months getting it ready. I have managed to gather a great team of fellow miniature enthusiasts of all whom have a proven record in what they do and I offer each one my most sincere thanks for their efforts and because of that this issue is dedicated to them. I would also like to pay tribute to our social media followers and to those who have used our pages as a hub for news about this wonderful hobby of ours. The views and opinions relating to all material herein does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Figure Painter Magazine staff, editors or publishers who are not liable of said opinions. Figure Painter Magazine cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in any of its publications. Furthermore, responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this magazine or its website is not the responsibility of Figure Painter Magazine or its publisher, Robot Pigeon Publishing. Adverts and advertisers appearing in Figure Painter Magazine carry no implied recommendation from the magazine or the publishers. Artwork has also been either taken from company websites pertaining to the image and may not be reproduced (except for personal use) without prior written permission from the said author / artist. Most product names are trademarks owned by the companies that publish those products. Photos sent to Figure Painter Magazine will be treated as offered unconditionally for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to editing and comments by the editors. Please ensure that all photos have credits attached if necessary. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior consent from Figure Painter Magazine.

We all know this is issue one and hopefully the beginning of something special. Our main goal is for FPM to grow and become the leading miniature painting magazine. For this to happen we know we have to listen to our readers so if you have any suggestions or wish to participate with the magazine feel free to drop us a line. To start us off we have an interview with one of the best painters around at the moment, Karol Rudyk and we hope to have more of his work in future issues. We also