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Gifts See also: Gifts (Awakening) and Feast Day Gifts Gifts can be sold to merchants or given to certain companions to influence their approval ratings. The party members appreciate their gifts, more or less, depending on each gift's value and their personal motivations. There is a limited number of gifts in the game. Also, with each additional gift given to the same character, the approval bonus you get from each subsequent gift decreases by 1 (to a minimum of +1 approval) per gift, excluding plot-specific ones.

Gift Mechanics You can give gifts to each character by: Contents

1. Open your inventory. 2. Select the character you wish to give the gift to. 3. Highlight the gift. 4. Press A (Xbox), X (PS3), Hold right click + left on radial menu or drag & drop the gift on the character (PC), ? (Mac) to give the gift. The approval from gifts works as follows: 1. The base approval for any gift is +5 approval, with diminishing returns: Each gift given imposes a penalty upon subsequent gifts. The first gift grants +5 approval, but the second only gives +4 approval down to a minimum of +1 approval/gift after the first four. 2. Favored gifts (see tables below) give +5 approval additional points, i.e. +10 approval base. Some gifts grant more, for example: Andraste's Grace grants +15 approval with Leliana. The subsequent gift penalty applies, down to a minimum of +6 approval per favored item. 3. Bonuses are halved if you have negative approval. The minimum approval is reduced to 0 approval for most gifts and +5 approval for favored ones. 4. You cannot exceed 100 approval points; after reaching the maximum, you will no longer receive approval points for gifts. 5. If you work to increase your approval with a companion (through dialogue or gifts), they can receive a small skill upgrade as they are inspired by your leadership This skill upgrade is typically related to one of their primary abilities (e.g. Alistair gains constitution). This skill upgrade increases as your approval increases (25% = +1, 50% = +2, 75% = +4, 90% = +6). You can gain the bonus skills without using any gifts at all through appropriate conversation options (see the specific page for each companion).

Specific Gifts: Origins These specific gifts give a base +10 approval (with diminishing returns, as explained above) when given to the proper character, with the exception of the plot-specific gifts. If a gift is specific to a certain character, attempts to give it to anyone else will be met with refusal. + See below console game issue with Shale's gifts.

Gifts for Alistair Alistair has a preference for strange runestones and figural studies of arcane creatures. Duncan's Shield will turn into a real item and Alistair will automatically equip it. Therefore if you have Alistair using a two-handed sword, you'll have to go into his weapon set and give him a sword or remove the shield and re-equip the two-handed weapon.

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Gifts - Dragon Age Wiki

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Located: Castle Redcliffe Alistair's Mother's Amulet Plot Item

This silver emblem of Andraste's Flame is riddled with cracks. Someone

Black Runestone

A flat black stone with a glowing silver rune carved into it.

Located: Aeducan Thaig

with a lot of patience has carefully glued it back together.

Duncan's Shield Located: Market Warehouse The symbol of the Grey Wardens is emblazoned on this shield, which

Joining Chalice

Plot Item

once belonged to Duncan. It was found in the Grey Wardens cache in

Becomes: Duncan's Shield


Located: Ostagar

Darkspawn blood still encrusts this silver chalice. With a shudder, you