Gymnastics and Tumbling (Naval Aviation Physical Training Manual)

Gymnastics and Tumbling (Naval Aviation Physical Training Manual)

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i- Naval Aviation Physical Training Manuals, is a nationwide organization of military and civilian members and affiliations. The Institute was founded, not for profit, but for the advancement of professional, literary, and scientific knowledge in the Navy and among military and civilian contemporaries.

p E INSTITUTE has assumed the responsibility of keeping JL the Naval Aviation Physical Training Manuals revised and up-to-date in every respect for use by the military services in event of national emergency. Maintenance of high standards of physical fitness in the youth of our nation is considered a prerequisite to national preparedness. With this in mind every effort has been made to insure revisions, through the V-Five Association of America, that are compatible with civilian educational interests.

The Naval Aviation Physical Training Manuals Revised by the


Executive Chairman RADM. Thomas J. Hamilton, USN (Ret.) Director of Athletics University of Pittsburgh First Past-President Frank H. W.ckhorst Kaiser Services Oakland, California

President Harvey J. Harman Coach of Football Rutgers University J*. Vice-President Mitchell J. Gary _.. Rector o.Athletics Western Mich ' g a n C o I l e ge

Second Past-President W. Madison Bell Director of Athletics Southern Methodist University

Second Vice-President Bernard W. Bierman Coach of Football University of Minnesota


Board Members at Large CDR. William R. Kane, USN U. S. Naval Aviation U. S. Air Force University

Laurence A. Mullins Director of Athletics Saint Ambrose College

Donald B. Faurot Director of Athletics University of Missouri

Charles M. Speidel Coach of Wrestling Pennsylvania State College

Leonard J. Casanova Coach of Football University of Pittsburgh

Charles B. Wilkinson Coach of Football University of Oklahoma

Executive Director M. Budd Cox V-Five Association Annapolis, Maryland


REVISION STAFF Supervising Editor Harold E. Lowe, Chairman Department of Physical Education Columbia University

Cartoonists and Illustrators Ensign Elizabeth Bunker, W-VS, USNR Martin A. Topper, District Supervisor of Health and Physical Education Chicago Board of Education

Robert C. Osborn (The Dilbert Series) Salsbury, Connecticut

REVISION COMMITTEES BASKETBALL Co-Chairman Gordon H. Ridings Coach of Basketball Columhia University

Co-Chairman LCDR. Kenneth A. Hashagen, USNR Coach of Basketball U. S. Naval Air Station, Memphis Advisory Member Justin M. Barry Coach of Basketball University of Southern California BOXING Chairman Roy D. Simmons Coach of Boxing Syracuse University

Advisory Member Ike F. Deeter Coach of Boxing Washington State College

Advisory Member LCDR. Anthony J. Rubino, USNR Instructor in Physical Training U. S. Naval Academy

CONDITIONING EXERCISES, GAMES, TESTS Co-chairman Co-Chairman Karl C. H. Oermann, Director Carl H. Young, Chairman of Teacher Education in Physical Department of Physical Education Education for Men University of California University of Pittsburgh Los Angeles Advisory Member Mitchell J. Gary, Director of Athletics and Physical Education Western Michigan College FOOTBALL Chairman Don B. Faurot Coach of Football University of Missouri Advisory Member W. Madison Bell Coach of Football Southern Methodist University GYMNASTICS AND

Advisory Member Bernard W. Bierman Coach of Football University of Minnesota TUMBLING

Chairman Hartley D. Price Coach of Gymnastics Florida State University Advisory Member Joseph M. Hewlett Coach of Gymnastics Ohio State University

Advisory Member Newton C. Loken Coach of Gymnastics Univer