Hague P. the Business Models Handbook. Templates, Theory and Case Studies 2019

Hague P. the Business Models Handbook. Templates, Theory and Case Studies 2019

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PRAISE FOR T HE BU S I NE S S MO D E L S HA ND B O O K ‘As strategy is all about three things – implementation, implementation, implementation – The Business Models Handbook is especially useful because it not only discusses the most important business models, but also provides practical guidance on how each model can be used.’ Rennie Gould, CEO, Customize UK Training ‘An excellent guide from a trusted source, this book will fast-track knowledge for managers wishing to develop their strategy or indeed their strategic thinking.’ ­Professor Stuart Roper, Huddersfield Business School, University of ­Huddersfield ‘Paul Hague has produced an excellent all-in-one handbook that covers a multitude of business models that are used every day by marketing professionals. Thanks to his lifelong experience as a market researcher, Hague is able to thoroughly explain these models and also to provide case studies on how to use them. The Business Models Handbook is a practical text that all marketing experts should read.’ Jeroen Beukeboom, Global Market Intelligence Leader and Senior ­Analyst, AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings ‘As well as being an absolute must for any MBA student, this superbly well-chosen collection of tools and models will not only save the life of many a business executive with a challenging presentation to make, but might just make life a little better for their audiences into the bargain. Too much time has been wasted at management meetings by businesses misusing or misunderstanding these hugely valuable and important tools. Now there is no excuse!’ Peter Cheverton, ­Director, INSIGHT Marketing and People Ltd ‘A comprehensive toolkit for managers wishing to learn the key insights from ­academic research of the last 60 years, and how they can help business.’ Dr Chris Raddats, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Operations, Management School, University of Liverpool




The Business Models Handbook Templates, theory and case studies

Paul Hague


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