Inspira-How to Get Started

Inspira-How to Get Started

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How to get started with inspira 1. Register as an external applicant Important note: ƒ

UN Secretariat staff members with a regular appointment including field staff members should not register: to find out your internal user account access codes, please refer to chapter 1.2.1 of the Instructional Manual for the Applicant.


UN Volunteers, temporary staff members, associate experts, consultants, individual contractors, military/police personnel and interns are invited to register as external applicants using the steps below.


If you have already registered but do not remember your User ID or your password, click on the “Forgot your password?” link located on the login page and follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure your spam filter allows emails sent from the domain. If the email address provided during registration is incorrect, you will need to register again.


For Galaxy users, please note that you cannot use your Galaxy access codes to log into Inspira.


On the Careers Portal homepage (, click on “Login”.


Click on “Register now”.


Fill out the registration form: make sure your date of birth is correct and refer to a private email address that is still valid.


Click on “Register”.

2. Update your profile To update your profile, please follow the steps below: 2.1.

Log into inspira ( and then click on the “Careers” link.


On the “Careers Home” page, click on the “My Profile” link in the “My Career Tools” group box.


Fill out all required fields (marked with an *) on the 1st page of your profile.


Click on “Go To Next Page”.


Fill out all required fields (marked with an *) on the 2nd page of your profile.


Click on “OK” (the system should then take you back to the 1st page of your profile).


Click on “Save”.

Note: all required fields must be populated on the 2 pages of your profile before you can save it. Make sure you carefully review any warning message that would appear on your screen after you clicked on “Save”.

3. Create your first application To create your first application, please follow the steps below: 3.1.

Log into inspira ( and then click on the “Careers” link.


On the “Careers Home” page, click on “Create Draft Application” (just below the “My Profile” link).


You get to a page called “Complete Application” Æ As indicated in the application header, this application is not linked to any job opening yet (and therefore cannot be submitted). 1

Direct links to the different sections of the application are provided for easy navigation: ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ 3.4.

Preferences Education and Work Experience Skills References Cover Letter & Additional Info

Click on the different sections to enter all the relevant information. In each section, make sure all required fields (marked with an *) have been populated, then click on “Save”. If you see a text at the top of the page warning you that required information is missing, look through all the required fields again and make sure you have entered them correctly. It is recommended that you click on “Save” regularly, including after completing all the mandatory fields within a section. Indeed, the system times out every 60 minutes, which means you could lose any data you entered since the last time you clicked “Save”.


In order to save all your entries, click the “Save” button in the “Complete Application” page: make sure the text “You have successfully saved your job application” appears at the top of the page.