ITIL V3 Foundation Overview.pdf

ITIL V3 Foundation Overview.pdf

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What is an ITIL qualification? ITIL stands for: Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The ITIL Certificates are designed as - IT Service Management - qualifications. They are aimed at all personnel who wish to become familiar with the best practices for IT Service Management, as defined in the OGC IT Infrastructure Library guidelines

Service Management – ITIL® ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. Providing a cohesive set of best practice guidance drawn from the public and private sectors across the world, it has recently undergone a major and important refresh project. IT Service Management (ITSM) derives enormous benefits from a best practice approach. Because ITSM is driven both by technology and the huge range of organizational environments in which it operates, it is in a state of constant evolution. Best practice, based on expert advice and input from ITIL users is both current and practical, combining the latest thinking with sound, common sense guidance.

ITIL: Overview and Benefits ITIL provides a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service provision. Adopting its guidance offers users a huge range of benefits that include:       

reduced costs; improved IT services through the use of proven best practice processes; improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery; standards and guidance; improved productivity; improved use of skills and experience; and improved delivery of third party services through the specification of ITIL or ISO 20000 as the standard for service delivery in services procurements.

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Why do I need an ITIL Qualification? The majority of people that consider ITIL as a qualification do so for career and personal development reasons. Often this is driven by a change of job or career, where you notice that to get to the top of the CV pile, you need to have an extra qualification like ITIL (even if you have been involved in service management successfully for many years without it). In many advertised positions ITIL has become a prerequisite. The majority of companies that implement ITIL also encourage their employees to take the exams. If your staff have accredited ITIL qualifications, then you can present your company as using ITIL. This works particularly well where you tender for or supply to any large IT organizations or outsourcing companies.

What Does ITIL V3 Comprise of? ITIL V3 consists of a library of five books:     

Service Strategy – Guidance on defining the types and levels of service that you wish to provide to your users and/or your customers. Service Design – Guidance to shape the way in which your service strategy will become a reality. Service Transition – Guidance on the implementation of these services. Moving from the previous state to the new state. Service Operation – Guidance on the day to day management and measurement of your services. Continual Service Improvement – Guidance on how to periodically reviews your portfolio of services to ensure that they are as good as they can be and still of value you to your clients.

In addition, ITIL is supported by a comprehensive qualifications scheme, accredited training organizations, and implementation and assessment tools.

Overview The accredited ITIL version 3 training course is an update to the best practice guidance of the IT Infrastructure Library. Known as ITIL v3, the books are framed around the Service Lifecycle, taking a holistic approach to managing services and delivering business value. All of the core processes and concepts from ITIL v2 remain in ITIL v3 with updates to address emer