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Wooster High School IBCP Language Development Language and Culture Questionnaire Name: What language(s) do you use? Identify your language phase for each language you communicate in

Karl Gudino

English and Spanish

English: Phase 5, 5, 5 Spanish: 4, 2, 3

What can you do and not do with your language(s)?

With the languages that I have, I have the ability to speak and communicate with people in work and society.

What is your cultural background?

My cultural background is Hispanic/Latino

Do you belong to more than one culture? What language(s) are spoken in your culture(s)? Do you have friends from a different cultural background? How do you feel when you encounter different cultural experiences? What do you believe is the relationship between language and culture? Why is learning another language considered so important?

I belong to different regions, but the same culture. Only one culture

What language(s) other than your own have you previously studied? What language will you study in language development? Why have you chosen that specific language for language development? How do you think you will use your target language in the future? What challenges do you feel you may encounter in your language studies? How will you meet these challenges?

English and Spanish are spoken within my culture Yes, I have multiple friends that are from a different cultural background. I feel interested and excited to learn about other cultures I believe that the relationship between language and the culture is very important as it is a vital part of the culture, making it unique and its own. Learning another language is considered as important as it is great to be familiar with other cultures and the ability to understand and communicate with others among society. I have not studied any other language besides my own. The language that I will study for my language development is Spanish as I would like to improve my fluency and understanding within the language. I have chosen Spanish due to my weakness of not being able to fluently speak and communicate in Spanish. I will be able to use my language to communicate with my family, people among society and through my work. The challenges that I believe I will encounter through my studies will be the process of trying to have a conversation in Spanish without hesitating or pausing. I will be able to meet these challenges by going through my studies and continuing to try to improve myself.

Adapted from the IBCP Language Portfolio guide Appendix 2