Magick Psychic Influence BHSC Seminar Notes (2001)

Magick Psychic Influence BHSC Seminar Notes (2001)

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All Notes Copyright 2000, Ross Jeffries. All rights reserved, world-wide. "Personally, we prefer to consider science as the study and engineering of highly probable coincidences, such as the tendency of apples to fall downwards when dropped from trees. We prefer to consider magick as the study and engineering of less probable coincidences, such as the tendency of trees to drop apples when we ask them to."....Peter J. Carroll "Psyber Magick"

Part One Magick, Manifesting, And The High Self Intro: What do we mean by "psychic" influence? A. The ability to influence events, people and circumstances using other than, or in proper conjunction with, the normal "sensory" means. B. The ability to recognize, and properly build, create, influence and use the required energies, attitudes, beliefs and states of consciousness required to bring about the desired results. What do we mean by magick? Change in accordance with one's will and imagination, utilizing the energy of body, breath and mind. True magic selects a reality and then reaches back through time to shape us and events to be ready and prepared to meet it. This is counter-intuitive to western ideas of causality and struggle; STRUGGLE IS NOT EFFORT.

"All magic is, is change. I move things from here to there, change this thought to that thought, step behind the scenes and rearrange the set.. .remix reality "....The Doctor, "The Authority", Warren Ellis

The Huna Prayer Process: Magickal Manifestation Through The High Self/Clearing Limiting Decisions To Manifesting A. Why you may be leading a "not quite there" life; decisions vs DECISIONS. B. Why Western "prayer" seldom, if ever works. Supplication destroys deservingness. A. Brief overview of elements of Huna prayer. D. Using the prayer to remove blocking decisions.

Creating The Magickal Self A. It is a primary rule of magick that who you bring into an operation is going to be what you get out. If you bring in your old self. ..loaded with weakness, lack of being deserving, an iron "will to fail" then that is what you will get out....but magnified many times worse. Therefore first and foremost to make magick work you must: Creating the willingness to be commanding. All you operations must be channeled through this willingness. B. Creating a more complete magickal self

Day Two: Remote Influence Skills Camp!


Exercise One: Break up into groups of three; person A, person B, and person C. Person A should imagine floating above the group and looking down at the tops of everyone's heads. Then person A should float down into person B and imagine seeing the group from person B's perspective. Person C's job is to watch person B to see if he can tell WHEN person A has floated inside them. Everyone switches roles and takes a t u r n in each of the positions. Exercise Two: Staying in the same 3 person group, do the same exercise except do the following first: before floating above and stepping into person B, person A should defocus their vision and look peripherally at person B and C. Calibrate the difference in the feeling of the experience from how it feels when you look directly at the person. Exercise Three: Same as before, only this time, Person A shifts their posture to a slight rounding of shoulders...slight slumping forward and makes scooping gesture with hand. Calibrate difference in the feeling of the experience from previous exercise. Exercise Four: Same as before, only this time, A and B stand at least 10 feet apart. A, before stepping into B, imagines extending arm and touching B on small of back....feeling both the feeling of B's back against his hand AND what B's back feels like being touched by A's hand. . THEN step in....C should stay close to person B and observe when he believes B is being touched and WHEN B has been stepped into by A. Exercise Five: Energized breathing, group exercise led by Ross Exercise Six Back into groups of three, and repeat exercise four, but this time with a little energized breathing first. Calibrate differ