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ash century mengabui: to cheat; to deceive berabad-abad: for centuries abuk


dust eternal; immortal keabadian: immortality mengabadikan: perpetuate; immortalize

abung pomelo

abah father

acah tease mengacah-acah: to tease

abah-abah harness acapkali often abai neglect mengabaikan: to disregard; to neglect

acar pickle

abang elder brother

acara event; item in a programme

abang angkat: foster brother abang ipar: brother-in-law abang tiri: stepbrother

mengacarakan: to compere or host a programme pengacara: master of ceremonies; compere

abdi slave

aci shaft

mengabdikan: to enslave pengabdian: slavery; enslavement acu

to direct weapon at target

abjad alphabet

mengacukan: to aim weapon at target mengacu: to test; to try on acuan: a mould

abu acuh


to care for; to heed

mengadatkan: to make it a practice or custom teradat: has become a custom

mengacuhkan: to care for; to heed acuh tak acuh: to show indifference adegan scene acum provoke or instigate mengacum: to provoke or instigate acuman: provocation pengacum: instigator pengacuman: agitation

adib well-mannered

adik younger brother or sister

ada have; possess; contain adakala: sometimes adakalanya: sometimes adalah: is; are; am; was; were adapun: with regard to berada: (1) rich (2) to be diadakan: to be held keadaan: condition; situation; circumstances mengada-ngada: to boast; to pretend mengada-ngadakan: to concoct an excuse mengadakan: to hold or conduct; to convene

adik-beradik: brothers and sisters beradik: having siblings

adikung assistant officer

adil fair; just keadilan: justice mengadili: to judge mengadilkan: to judge; to evaluate pengadil: judge; referee pengadilan: judgement

adab politeness; good manners; courtesy beradab: courteous; polite peradaban: civilization; culture adinda

younger brother or sister (esp. in letter-writing)

adang obstruct; block mengadang: to obstruct or block

adu (1)complain (2)compete beradu: (1)to report (2)to compete aduan: complaint mengadu: to report; to accuse pengadu: complainant pengaduan: complaint peraduan: a contest or competition

adas fennel (yellow-flowered fragrant herb)

adat custom; social tradition or practice beradat: polite; customary; ceremonious



exclamation of pain

immeasurable; immense

mengaduh: to groan; to wail agama religion aduhai exclamation of sorrow

beragama: having a religion keagamaan: religious

aduk mix; stir

agar so that

mengaduk: to mix or stir agar-agar jelly

adun knead (dough) adunan: dough mengadunkan: to mix together

agas gnat; sandfly

afiat healthy

agih distribute

mengafiatkan: to restore to good health

diagihkan: distributed mengagihkan: to distribute pengagihan: distribution afrit goblin; mischievous elf or spirit aguk pendant agah murmuring sound mengagah: (1)to gurgle (2)to confront

agung supreme keagungan: supremacy mengagungkan: to honour; to revere

agak guess agak-agak: (1)to guess (2)approximately agaknya: perhaps; maybe beragak: not sure mengagak: to guess; to estimate teragak-agak: to hesitate; to be undecided

ah exclamation of surprise

aha agam

exclamation of triumph


mengajak: to invite ajakan: invitation Ahad Sunday ajal doom; death ahli (1)member (2)expert ajar keahlian: membership

teach kurang ajar: disrespectful ajaran: teaching belajar: to learn berajar: educated; courteous mempelajari: to learn in greater detail mengajar: to teach m