Mental Muscle (eBook)

Mental Muscle (eBook)

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MENTAL MUSCLE “Mental Muscle has been a long time coming. For me and probably you too. Personally, I’ve been looking for a book like this since 1993, after I was first introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Like many of us, I had heard about cutting edge mental training techniques and I wanted to learn more. Both for myself as well as the numerous LEOs and military personnel I trained. And, like many of us, I read every book I could find on the topics of sports psychology, hypnosis and NLP. For the most part, it was an exercise in frustration. None of it seemed to connect. The techniques were often vague and ill-suited to the rapidly evolving, real-world nature of my work. With far more tenacity than insight, I managed to piece together workable methods to enhance performance. Methods which improved strength, focus and mental toughness. After reading Mental Muscle, I can’t help but think about how much time I would have saved and how much further I would be on my journey if only I had had this book twenty-plus years ago. Mental Muscle is THE mind manual for people who want to intentionally connect their brain to their body and experience amazing results now. As in RIGHT NOW. In this breakthrough book, Logan completely demystifies mental training, making it as easy to understand as hoisting a barbell. You’ll get the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ and immediately be able to plug in easy-to-understand techniques to improve yourself and crush obstacles like a sledgehammer. I can think of no other manual that gives you as many workable methods and can get you moving forward as quickly as Mental Muscle. Trust me, you’ve been waiting for this book. Thankfully, it’s finally here.” —Mike Gillette, Performance Coach, World Record Holder, Member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, Bodyguard to Fortune 500 executives, Subject-Matter Expert for the Transportation Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security and author of Rings of Power

“In Mental Muscle, Logan Christopher provides an excellent blueprint to master your mind and unleash your true strength potential. In fact, the techniques in this book are so powerful, they can be applied to improving all aspects of life, not just physical performance.” —Al Kavadlo, author of Zen Mind, Strong Body

“Mental Muscle goes deep into what makes the human mind so extraordinary and why is it that some people seem to possess superhuman strength and ability that is beyond belief. All too often people attribute great physical talent and unbelievable feats of strength as just plain lucky or genetics. This assessment couldn’t be further from the truth for most seemingly superhuman beings. There is untapped capacity inside all of us and Logan goes into great detail about not only how to attain this incredible power but also how to harness it on demand.”—Mike Westerdal, CPT, RKC, Founder of CriticalBench

“Logan Christopher is an extraordinary fitness professional who has dedicated himself to the pursuit of self-mastery in wide-ranging, impressive avenues. If you’ve been following Logan’s work, you’ll know that he’s already published many books and DVDs on bodyweight and strongman training methods. But with Mental Muscle, Logan delivers an entire book dedicated to a realm of training that he’s been alluding to for years: the mental preparation that plays an equally important role in your strength training.” —Mike Fitch, Global Bodyweight Training

“All I can say is WOW. This book has been long overdue. When it comes down to it, one of the most important components of training, lifestyle, and overall health and fitness is that of the mind and being able to use your mind to it’s fullest potential. What you’ll discover within Logan’s book will certainly not disappoint. This is a must have resource for anyone wanting to improve their overall strength and overall fitness.” —Travis Stoetzel, founder, TrainAggressive and The Forged Athlete Gym

“Mental Muscle is phenomenal...truly the missing li