Nagel, Carl - Magic Spells for Love, Luck & Lust

Nagel, Carl - Magic Spells for Love, Luck & Lust

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MAGIC SPELLS FOR LOVE, LUCK AND LUST Carl Nagel Copyright © Starlight Books 137 Oxley Moor road Wolverhampton WV10 6TY

You have purchased this booklet because there is some area of your life that frustrates you, but once you have cast a Spell and seen the results, you will have the joy of knowing you can transform your life of frustration into one of harmony and happiness. As you learn to use these simple Spells, you will be asked to do seemingly illogical things. Remember at all times logic has no place in Magic, and that those illogical acts can bring you lucky breaks, and influence coincidence to change your life. You need no special clothes or hard-to-find ingredients for the Spells. Just carry out the simple instructions as given, and you will begin to magically smooth your path through life.



If your life is dull and uninteresting, this is the Spell that can change all that. Carry out this Spell at sunrise on a Sunday.

Stand facing east. Raise both your hands above your head about two feet apart, with your fingers straight and palms facing forward. Your position is like a capital Y. Say:

The Soul of the Gods is in Unas, and the offerings made unto him are more than those made unto the Gods. Unas is the Great Power, the Power of Powers, and this offering will bring his powers unto me who does it, and transformation shall be mine.


Unas was an Egyptian king who reigned during 3300 B.C. Pronounce His Name “OO-NAS” with the emphasis on the first syllable. Throw your heart and soul into that Invocation, give it all you’ve got. Repeat this Spell for the next six Sundays, or until your life has changed for the better - whichever comes first.


Preparations are simple, you will need a small table, white cloth, a glass of spring water and three white candles. At midnight (Full Moon is best) cover the table with the white cloth and place it in the middle of the room. The glass of spring water is placed at the center of the table, and the three candles to the right, left and behind the glass of water. Light the candles, and say:

Gabamiah. Adonay. Agla. O Lord of Powers, aid me! In the Power of the Words SERAPH, JOSATA, ABLATI, AGLA and CAILA I place this Invocation with Thee, Uriel, who hath dominion over things that are hidden from others. Reveal to me in my sleep (here state what you wish to know). I seal this command thus: JOSTA AGLA CAILA.

Pick up the glass of spring water in your right hand and drink the water. Lie down on your bed and close your eyes. As you drift off to sleep, say:

Let me see. Let me see. Let me see.

After casting the Spell, note what information is given to you in your dreams. THE ANCIENT LUCKY NUMBERS SPELL

This magical formula to win at lotteries comes from The Black Pullet, a handbook of magic


written in 1744. You need to do a little work before you buy your lottery ticket, but the results could amply reward you.

It is really very simple. You take a game of piquet composed of thirty-two cards. You shuffle them, cut and extract nineteen cards one after the other commencing with that which is underneath.

Take their numbers: know, the ace is 11, the king 4, the queen 3, the knave 2, and the other cards their numerical value. Add up the total. Then add the 30 or 31 days of the month in which you find yourself, your age, the day of your birth, that is to say, the first, second or third or such other day, and a date when you have proved something happy or agreeable: you add all these numbers, you take a third of it, and you place in the lottery the numbers which this addition has given you. You can be certain that these numbers will come out in totality or in part on the different wheels. For instance, if you find the numbers 13, 52, 73, you can take again 3