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a:of a:the a(exprima surprinderea):a(h)! a(asa stau lucrurile):oh! a(asa stau lucrurile):I see! a(exprima durerea sau bucuria):v. ah a(foarte bine):(very) well a(foarte bine):all right a(foarte bine):O.K. a:apiece|each a:has a:hath a(inaintea infinitivului):to a(comparativ):like a(comparativ):of a(in compusi):v. afund, alaturi etc.|of John|(of) John`s|mine|ours|mother of two children|the second|the woman|big/capital A|small/little a|three lei apiece/each/the pie aba(stofa):dreadnought aba(cu sens general):rough wool aba(haina):frieze coat aba(haina):rough woollen coat aba(palton):bearskin overcoat abac:abacus|bead/counting frame abaca:abacus abajur:(lamp) shade|(lamp) screen abajur(de hirtie):paper shade abandon:abandon abandona(a parasi):to abandon abandona(a parasi):to desert abandona(a parasi):to quit abandona(a renunta la...):to renounce abandona:to surrender abandona(drepturi, pretentii etc.):to relinquish abandona(un joc etc.):to throw up abandona(un joc etc.):to forsake abandona(un bolnav etc.):to give over/up abandona:to abandon abandonare:abandonment|abandoning etc. abanos:ebony tree (Diospyros ebenum) abanos(lemn):ebony|ebony|ebony|jetblack|ebon|to carry one`s age well abataj:coal-face abataj(ca procedeu):hewing abataj:felling abataj(al vitelor):slaughter abataj:careening|panel working|normal face abate:abbot|superior abate(din drum):to turn off/aside/away abate(din drum):to divert (from smb.`s) course abate(prin forta):to push/drive away abate(de la o linie dreapta):to deflect abate(de la o linie dreapta):to to deflect abate(a distrage) (de la)(a distrage) (de la):to divert (from) abate(a distrage) (de la)(a distrage) (de la):to call away (from) abate(a distrage) (de la)(a distrage) (de la):to draw/turn off abate(a distrage) (de la)(a distrage) (de la):to distract (from)

abate(pe cineva prin sfat)(pe cineva prin sfat):to dissuade (from) abate(prin motivare) (de la)(prin motivare) (de la):to reason... out (of...) abate(prin motivare) (de la)(prin motivare) (de la):to reason... out (of...). abate:to steer off abate(a lua o alta directie):to go out of one`s way abate(a lua o alta directie):to change the direcTion abate(a lua o alta directie):to take another direction abate(a lua o alta directie):to swerve abate(a lua o alta directie):to bear off abate(din drumul drept):to stray abate(din drumul drept):to straggle abate(de la)(de la):to deviate (from) abate(de la)(de la):to digress (from) abate(de la)(de la):to wander (from) abate:to deviate from the right course abate:v. ~|to violate...|to transgress...|to call on...|to call at smb`s house|to drop in at...|to strike smb.|to come/get into smb.`s abatere:turning off|deviation|digression abatere(calcare a legii):trespass(ing) abatere(calcare a legii):violation abatere(calcare a legii):infringement abatere(calcare a legii):transgression|exception|nonconformity|anomaly|breach of duty|dereliction of one`s duty|exception (to the rule)|infraction of discipline|by way of exception abatiza:abattis abator:slaughter house|shambles|butchery|abattoir abator:scene of carnage abatie(manastire):abbey abatie(functie):abbacy abatie(functie):abbotship abatut(deprimat):depressed abatut(deprimat):dejected abatut(deprimat):downcast abatut(deprimat):(heart-)heavy abatut(deprimat):downsome abatut(deprimat):out of sorts abatut(deprimat):mopish abatut(descurajat):disheartened abatut(descurajat):dispirited abatut(descurajat):low-spirited abatut(melancolic):melancholy abatut(melancolic):gloomy abatut(melancolic):under the weather abatut(melancolic):in the blues/dumps abces:abcess|boil|aposteme abdica:to abdicate|to resign the crown abdica(a se retrage):to retire abdica(a se retrage):to resign|to give up...|to renounce... abdicare:abdication etc.|abdication etc. v. abdica abdomen:belly abdominal:belly...|abdominal|hypogastric|abdominal/visceral cavity| abdominal complaint abductor:abducent|abducent muscle|abductor (muscle) abductiune:abduction

abecedar:primer|(first) spelling book aberant:aberrant aberantgram. etc.:anomalous aberatie:ansanity aberatie(absurditate):fa