Strength Training For Mixed Martial Arts

Strength Training For Mixed Martial Arts

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The OFFICIAL BLACK MARKET Guide To Strength Training for MMA


CONTENTS INTRODUCTION The Best Mixed Martial Arts Training Interview Ever! Strength Training For Fighters -15 Random Thoughts STRENGTH Strength Training for the MMA Fighter The Kettlebell Solution For MMA Strength And Conditioning CONDITIONING Conditioning for the MMA Fighter: Is Traditional Aerobic Training Necessary? Conditioning for MMA, Part-2: Training the Energy Pathways High Octane Cardio - Train like a man, not a rodent! MENTAL TRAINING Beating the Jitters Fighting Through Fatigue




The Best Mixed Martial Arts Training Interview Ever!

What happens when you put 3 of the top MMA strength coaches in the same room? I don’t know either. But when you email them a list of questions, you get some amazing answers. I’d like to introduce to you Alwyn Cosgrove, Joe Dowdell, and Martin Rooney, the 3 best strength coaches in North America when it comes to training Martial Artists (in addition to the thousands of other athletes that they train). If you are at all serious about improving your athletic performance (in any sport), losing fat, or improving your nutrition and training, you must pick up Alwyn and Martin’s training books. Let’s find out a little bit more about each coach.

Alwyn Cosgrove: Personally I have a Fourth Degree Black Belt and had National, European and World Titles over five different weights in my career. I was fourteen when I got my first degree black belt and started competing in the men’s division. It was competition that got me interested in sports science – which led to my going to college and ultimately my career as a sports training consultant today. I began training other martial artists in 89/90 when I was still competing and had good success. Currently I have trained the entire gamut of martial athlete – from the rookie to several national champions, five world champions and a Commonwealth Games Gold medalist. I own and operate a training facility in Santa Clarita California and have authored an e-book on “Secrets of Martial Arts Conditioning” available at

Joe Dowdell: I began studying both Tae Kwon Do and freestyle wrestling during high school. While in college, I was training at a place called Waering’s Gym in Virginia Beach, VA where I began to box. After college, I moved to Paris, France for work and began studying Muay Thai at a place called RD Sporting Club. Today, I still enjoy kickboxing and I continue to incorporate it into my weekly training regimen. As for my practical experience with working with MMA fighters and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners -- I conduct all of my instruction at my facility in NYC called Peak Performance ( Several of the fighters that I have worked with or consulted with on their strength & conditioning programs, include Colin O’Rourke (Team Renzo Gracie), Rolles Gracie Jr. (Team Renzo Gracie), Igor Gracie (Team Renzo Gracie), as well as several other Renzo Gracie students. Martin Rooney: WWW.NLPF.NET

I have been lucky to be working with many of the top MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners in the world for the last 5 years (Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Rodrigo Gracie, Sean Alvarez, Roger Gracie, and many others). I have set up everything from their physical training, to nutrition, to strategic development, to even help corner them at events such as Pride, UFC, and the ADCC world grappling championships all over the world. I currently am on the editorial counsel for Gracie Magazine in Brazil and write all of their training columns. I am also a 2 stripe blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and am currently training wrestling and Muay Thai as well. All of the last 5 years of experience have led to my newest book “Training for Warriors: the Team Renzo Gracie Workout” which can