Texte de Tradus din romana-engleza

Texte de Tradus din romana-engleza

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Textul 1

Lasa-ma sa iti spun ! Asta-vara l-am intalnit pe Tom. Parea un baiat bun asa ca ne-am intalnit la un restaurant. Mi-a spus ca sunt frumoasa si nu sunt ca alte fete. Eu l-am crezut. Dupa ce am plecat de la restaurant el a vrut sa imi arate un loc special. Am mers intr-o parcare, a oprit masina si s-a uitat la mine. Deodata, mi-a aratat o cutie si din ea a sarit un iepure. Mi-a spus ca acela este fratele lui Billy care este divortat. Tom voia sa ma duc la o intalnire cu fratele lui pentru ca el credea ca am putea fi perfecti unul pentru celalalt. Cand am vazut cat de nebun putea fi acel om am deschis usa masinii, mi-am luat poseta, l-am pocnit si am plecat. Sfatul meu pentru tine este sa ai grija cu cine te intalnesti pentru ca nu poti stii ce nebun este barbatul cu care te intalnesti.

Textul 2

-Unde este fiul meu ? - Nu te panica ! Calmeaza-te ! Este in gradina, citeste. Mama a deschis usa si s-a dus in gradina. -

Ce faci ? Ti-am spus ca trebuie sa mergem la doctor. Ma pregatesc pentru doctor, a raspuns fiul cu o voce calma. Citesc o carte de despre corpul uman. Dup ace termin cartea putem pleca. Mama l-a lasat in gradina si a intrat in casa.

-Nu stiu ce sa fac ! Fratele tau este atat de speriat de doctor. Se preface ca citeste in gradina. Cand am vazut ca mama nu stie ce sa faca m-am dus in gradina si i-am spus fratelui meu: -Jack,nu mai mergem la doctor ! Mergem sa luam dulciuri, hai grabeste-te. Cand ma auzit, Jack a sarit din leagan si a fugit la masina. Asa l-am convins sa se urce in masina si l-am dus la doctor.

Text 3 My friends were in the living room and I was in the kitchen trying to cook. I took five frozen pizza and I put them in the oven. After that I tryied to make a salad. I know that salad and pizza are not good together but I am such a bad cooker and I didn’t know what to do.

When the food was ready I put in on a big plate and I went in the living room. I took the glases from the table and I put the food with a confident air. My friends started to laugh because the pizza was still frozen in the middle and the salad looked like dog food. I started to laugh to. We decided to order some chinese food. After the food came we ate and we felt much better. After that we watched a film and I don’t know what happened next because I felt asleep.

Text 4 It is not good to lie, my mother said to me when I was just a little girl. Now I know that lies are bad but then I thought that she was just protective. She also told me it is not good to steal because you can be punished. I found out that my mother was right las year during the summer holiday. I was with my older cousin in his house. We were bored so we decided to go for a walk. We saw a nice bike across the street. Il looked like it was left there on purpose. We tought to take it. My cousin went first. He took the bike and he left. I was sitting there waiting for my cousin. A strange man came and asked my if I saw his bike. He scared my with his strange face and I said that I didn’t saw it. He thought I stole his bike and he warned me to call the police. In that moment I started to cry and I told the truth. He forgave me and we waited for my cousin to came back with the bike. You see this is why it’s not good to lye or to steal. I know that you don’t do that but your sister doesn’t always listen to me and one day she will be punished.