The Art and Science of Leadership 7th

The Art and Science of Leadership 7th

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Seventh Edition Global Edition

The Art and Science of Leadership

A fsan eh Nahavandi

University of San Diego

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B uild ing B lo c k s C hapter 1

Definition and Significance of Leadership

C hapter 2

The Global and Cultural Contexts

C hapter 3

The Foundations of Modern Leadership

C hapter 4

Individual Differences and Traits

C hapter 5



50 86



C o n te m p o ra ry C o n c e p ts C hapter 6

Current Era in Leadership: Inspiration and Connection to Followers 200

C hapter 7

Other Leadership Perspectives: Upper Echelon and Leadership of Nonprofits 233

PART III L e a d in g


C hapter 8

Leading Teams

C hapter 9

Leading Change

C hapter 10

Developing Leaders

2 68 3 00 332


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