Yoosee Instruction Manual

Yoosee Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual

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V 1.3

Product Overview Introduction

Congratulations on the purchase of your eRobot Wireless IP Cameras. This product is designed to make remote video surveillance become more easier. Leveraging the HD CMOS image sensors and advanced image signal processor, eRobot cameras can deliver 720p/1080p video with high image quality. Included many useful and smart features including motion detection, push notification alert, email with snapshot alert, even some models can work with security cameras to allow you setup a customize system to cater your own specific needs. Utilizing 360° or 180° fisheye lens, VR cameras can provide you panoramic video monitoring featuring with ePTZ function, bring you the VR userexprience.

Hardware Installation 1. Connect the power supply

Finding the included AC/DC adapter to plug into the electricity outlet/socket, then connect it to the camera. Generally indoor cameras usually use DC5V 2A power supply and outdoor cameras use DC12V 1.5A power supply.

2. Connect the Ethernet cable

It's recommended to use the Ethernet wired connection when firstly setup the camera (if Ethernet port is available on your camera), especially if you failed to setup the camera via WiFi. Connecting the camera to the router with the network cable. Note - The Ethernet cable is not required after the camera’s Network Settings have been changed to WiFi

3. Reset the camera

If you want to setup the WiFi connection instead of using wired Ethernet cable, you should reset the camera at the beginning of configuration. Using a shape object (e.g. toothpick) to press the reset button up to 10 seconds, release it until you hear a "Sou" tone. Once the camera keeps making "di, di, di" sound, then you can start to add the camera via 'Smartlink'. Note - The camera only supports 2.4GHz WiFi, can't support 5GHz. Making sure the WiFi SSID has no special character, also DHCP function should be enabled in your router.

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App Operations Yoosee (Android & iOS App) Downloading Yoosee

1. Using an Android device; install the ‘Yoosee’ app from the Google Play Store* 2. Using an Apple device; install the ‘Yoosee' app from iTunes App Store* Once the app has downloaded and completed installation, launch the app. Note - Data charges may apply if downloading via mobile connection, check with your mobile carrier for details. Yoosee & the supplier take no responsibility for data charges

Logging into your Yoosee Account

If this is your first time using Yoosee you will need to create an account. Select ‘Register’ at the bottom of the Yoosee login screen and follow the steps to create a new account. Note – If you forget the account number or password, you may simply register another account. Invalid email address can be used in account registration. To log in to Yoosee, enter your email and password into the fields provided, then press ‘Login’.

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q : Edit the device information, customize the name. w : Add the camera, either by using 'Smartlink' or 'Manual'. e : Weak password warning. r : Arm (activate) / Disarm (de-activate) response for detection. If armed, the camera will notify your device of any motion detection using the alarm settings t : Playback the video footage recorded in microSD/SDHC memory card. y : Control the camera's local setting here.

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App Operations Main Screen Device: Listed the connected devices. Message: Alarm logs Image: Screenshot captured by the camera More: Edit account information, modify

App login password, and logout.<